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Custom Printed Towels

Custom towels are a promotional item that will provide benefits for your company over an extended period for an affordable original outlay. Everyone uses towels on a daily basis and for many purposes, from hand towels to golf towels to beach towels. The best promotional items are those which give you the maximum exposure for your advertising campaign at the lowest cost, and imprinted towels fill this need. These towels also provide a very large area on which to display your company logo, name, address or slogan, whatever you choose, to make it readily visible even from a distance.
When you provide a promotional towel to your existing or potential customer to use at home, on the golf course, or carry to the beach, you are in effect providing yourself with a multitude of helpful advertisers. These towels will be seen again and again by anyone who comes in contact with the user, providing you a return on investment that can’t be beat.
You can select from sports towels, used by many teams at sporting events; golf towels, which are easily displayed attached to golf bags at the local course; beach towels, or even hand or bath towels. Printed towels are available in many different sizes and styles, and a variety of colours so that you can customize them to go with your company logo colour scheme.
Company logo towels can be used as giveaways at tradeshows, fairs and conventions as part of your marketing campaign. These towels are less expensive than traditional advertising through television, radio and billboard commercials, and help create the image of a stable, reputable company. They can also be used as an additional source of income when these custom items are sold rather than used as giveaways.  Local school sports teams and clubs as well as local businesses are prime examples of places that will benefit from purchasing them. Embroidered towels  such as the Authentic T-Shirt Company Grommeted Tri-fold Sport Towel make an excellent choice for this sort of use. It is made of high quality 100% cotton terry velour, and has a large 16" x 26" imprint area to display your logo.  The 100% cotton Go Go Rally Towel is another great selection, with a 10" x 8" display area for your information and/or logo, and has a very affordable cost to make it even more attractive. The 4lb. Fitness company logo towels w/CleenFreek  uses Antimicrobial Technology to help prevent bacteria and fungus growth and fight staph, germs and odor.
Everyone who plays golf needs a golf towel, and when attached to the golf bag advertise your logo to all who see it. The Cutter & Buck Club Towel  is a prime example of one of these logo towels.
When searching for the perfect branded towels, beach towels immediately come to mind because of their large logo display area. One such as the Coloured Beach Towel has a 50" x 25" imprint area.
Choose from a selection of over 19 custom towels styles, shapes and colours, and call rushIMPRINT at 1-866-277-7874 or order online today!