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Company and promotional calendars are a great year-round reminder of your company to every recipient. Get your company logo on a desk calendar and you’ll have a year-long reminder of your brand and get it noticed by anyone who visits that desk. Another great promotional calendar is the stick-on calendar. This can be placed nearly everywhere, from the side of a cabinet to the front of a file cabinet. This type of promotional calendar makes sure that your logo “sticks” around all year long. Our company calendars can be customized with photographs, company logos, address, hours or operation and other important information.

What information you show on a calendar is an important choice before ordering. Promotional calendars don’t leave much room for content, so choose carefully. Common inclusions on company calendars are an address, company logo, phone number, email address or hours of operation. Including a company motto or jingle can also be effective in spreading your marketing messages. A more formal promotional item in this category is the pocket calendar or weekly and monthly desk planner. While not as economical, they tend to be better cared for that the stick-on customized calendars.

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