Custom Umbrellas With Logos

With custom umbrellas from rushIMPRINT, your brand will make an appearance come rain or shine. Keep dry and boost your brand’s identity in a classy way with personalized umbrellas from rushIMPRINT. We have a great selection of telescoping, windproof, and full-sized custom umbrellas with a logo for any event or occasion!

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Give Your Brand the Showtime It Deserves

Promotional umbrellas have a large display area for your company logo, address, phone number, or catchy slogan, making them a great return on your investment. With personalized umbrellas from rushIMPRINT, there’s no way your brand will be missed!

Showcase Important Info Easily

When customizing umbrellas with rushIMRPINT, you’ll be able to add your company information to umbrellas with personalized colors and designs. Design custom umbrellas for a promotional event or with your business color scheme, and every recipient will remember your brand.

Choose From a Huge Variety

Find custom umbrellas with logo choices best suited to your needs, and consult rushIMPRINT to get the right look and style!

Boost Your Brand No Matter the Weather

Personalized umbrellas are more exciting than a flyer, more useful than a business card, and can last a lifetime! Promotional umbrellas are the brand boost your company needs no matter where you are.

Stay dry and stylish, and look forward to ‘raining’ in new business with custom umbrellas from rushIMPRINT. Call or contact us via email to help find your perfect design! Have a design you love? You can also upload your design and order online now. Don’t want to wait? rushIMPRINT it!

Custom Umbrellas With Logos FAQ

What types of custom umbrellas are available?

At rushIMPRINT, we supply dozens of unique custom umbrellas that can be designed to your liking. With all of the branded umbrellas that you choose from, there are hundreds of combinations in size and color. In addition to traditional nylon folding umbrellas, we also offer a few clear plastic umbrellas. One of our most unique designs of promotional umbrellas is the flashlight umbrella, which has a small LED light in the handle.

How big is a personalized umbrella?

We supply a few different sizes of personal custom umbrellas that you can choose from. Some of our smallest umbrellas are about 36” while our largest are closer to 64”. The size of our personalized umbrellas are measured along the arc. Across all sizes, your logo umbrellas will be able to fold and retract to make them more portable while you aren’t using them.

Can you put a picture on an umbrella?

Yes! You can put any type of graphic onto your custom umbrellas. Sure, branded umbrellas with logos are popular, but our patrons have added all kinds of images and text! After choosing your preferred custom umbrella design, you’ll have the opportunity to upload your artwork and any accompanying text. Create a personalized umbrella with a family photo, a dog's face, or any kind of design that you created.

Where will my logo or design go on the custom umbrella?

For most of our promotional umbrellas, your design will be displayed on one of the panels of the canopy. In the descriptions of each product, you’ll get an estimate of how large your design will be, next to where it says “Imprint Area.” Our team at rushIMPRINT is happy to provide you with art proofs to help you get a better idea of how your personalized umbrella will look when finished.

What is the minimum order quantity of custom umbrellas?

Most of our promotional umbrellas require a minimum order size of about 20 to 25 umbrellas. You can get an exact number on a per-product basis next to the listing. You’ll save money when you order personalized umbrellas in bulk, because larger orders will reduce the price per umbrella.

What’s the difference between a manual and automatic umbrella?

A manual umbrella requires the user to open and close the nylon canopy by hand with a slider. An automatic umbrella is opened with a button or switch that will release the canopy in an instant. At rushIMPRINT, our selection of custom umbrellas features both manual and automatic varieties. Each promotional umbrella description will mention “automatic open” or “manual open” depending on its capabilities.