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On-the-go? Aren’t we all! Today’s fast-paced work, home, and school schedule means that having an easy-to-grab, sturdy carry-all is essential. Our custom backpacks are the perfect travel essentials that keep people organized while promoting your brand abroad. Whereas other promotional items can fade or get misplaced, custom backpacks are long-lasting and unique items that will always be put to great use. Start designing your custom logo backpack today!

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Promotional Backpacks Make Great Giveaway Items

Promotional backpacks are great for door prizes and raffles, giveaways, and gear bags. Great gifts make networking easy. This incredible selection of promotional backpacks makes finding the right items a walk in the park! 


Outfit Your Employees With Personalized Backpacks

Have employees who travel for work? Personalized backpacks are a great way to ensure that employees travel with laptops and other company equipment safely, and they provide a unique branding solution for potential clientele. By outfitting employees with custom backpacks bearing your logo, you’re creating a professional look that informs others of your commitment to expert business solutions.

Custom Backpacks in Different Styles

At rushIMPRINT, we know that each business has unique needs. Our selection of custom backpacks taps into this, offering a diverse array of styles. Our personalized backpacks include everything from sling backpacks to bulkier packs designed to efficiently travel through TSA checkpoints. Shop our selection, and find everything from branded backpacks for laptops to ideal packs for weekend vacations or trips abroad. 


Show Off Your Brand

Find the custom items for your brand at rushIMPRINT. In addition to custom backpacks, you’ll find:


For more information on custom backpacks or any of our other products, please contact us. Our team of professionals can assist you in finding the perfect design or rushing your order.

Custom Backpacks FAQ

How do you make custom backpacks?

Creating a custom backpack at rushIMPRINT is a breeze! Choose your style, select a quantity and color, enter your zip code, and then either upload your artwork or design one using our tool. Complete your order, and our team will get to work.

How do you wash a custom backpack?

Each custom backpack should detail personal care instructions on the label. As a rule of thumb, make sure to completely empty your promotional backpack and brush off any dirt or debris with a cloth before washing. For hand-washing, use mild detergent and warm water, along with a bristle brush, to scrub any stains or excess dirt. Hang-drying is recommended.

What are your custom backpacks made out of?

Each custom backpack selection will detail the materials it's made from. Generally, many of our personalized backpacks are a combination of polyester or canvas.

Is there a minimum order for custom backpacks?

While we have a few selections that have no minimums, many of our custom backpacks start at minimums of 6, 10, or more per order.

How much do custom backpacks cost?

Our custom backpacks vary greatly in price. This is because some are heavy duty and designed for frequent travel through airports while others are meant for more localized use. That said, we offer custom backpacks anywhere from under $5 to over $100 per unit, depending on the quantity ordered.

Does a custom backpack count as a personal item?

Generally speaking, custom backpacks do count as personal items. As long as they can fit beneath the seat in front of you, a custom backpack is small and compact enough to fit the standards of a personal item.