• Artwork
    What kind of art files can I send? Back to Top
    We can work with any format you have. Please send to us at info@rushimprint.ca and our professional graphic design team will create your virtual proof and email to you free of charge.
    How do I upload artwork? Back to Top
    If you want to use an art file located on your local computer, click on the "Upload New" button on the individual product page. Another button will then appear below it called ”Choose File”. Click that button, and then you will see a browse window that will let you navigate to the desired file. The process is very similar to attaching a file to an email message. Find the graphic/file, click once on it and click the "open" button, or you can double click the file name . The artwork will then be displayed on the product. You will still receive an emailed virtual proof from our graphic design team, so if you do not like the virtual proof you see online, we do have you covered and can make any adjustments necessary. If your artwork is something you have previously uploaded to the website, click on the “Select From Locker” button. You can retrieve the file from there.
    Can I send you artwork after I place an order? Back to Top
    You sure can. Please email the art to info@rushimprint.ca and reference your order #. If we do not receive artwork when an order is placed, our customer service team always follows up to see if we can help with art creation or in retrieving the art file.
    What if I do not have artwork? Back to Top
    No problem at all. Our team of graphic designers will create it free of charge! Just tell our customer service team what you are looking for, the Item#, and the color of the item, and we will email you a virtual proof of the newly designed art on the product. There is no charge for this service of any kind.
    Do you keep our artwork on file? Back to Top
    Yes we do. Once you have placed an order, the art remains in our art library. This will make re-ordering much faster and easier for you.
  • Shipping & Delivery
    Can I ship internationally? Back to Top
    Yes we can. Please contact our customer service as each case will be a bit different, and they can help you get the order processed.
    Can I ship on my own shipping account? Back to Top
    Yes you can. On the check out page, there is a field that asks if you want to use your own UPS# or FedEx#. There is also a check box to check if you are going to use your own shipping #. If you decide after placing an order that you want to use your own shipping# and did not indicate as such on the order, please call our Customer Service Department (1-866-277-7874) or email us at info@rushimprint.ca with your order # as well as the shipping account# to use and we will get it changed on the order and the shipping cost reimbursed from what was charged online.
    Can I split my order and ship to multiple locations? Back to Top
    That is not a problem. You can enter your shipping instructions on the check out page in the Add Special Instructions to Your Order field near the bottom of the page. Our customer service team will email you shortly after for verification. You can also call our Customer Service Department (1-866-277-7874) or email us at info@rushimprint.ca and we will get it taken care of.
  • Payment
    What payment methods do you accept? Back to Top
    Customers can place an order using a credit or debit card (MasterCard, Visa, Amex or Discover), by check, or a purchase order if approved for credit (typically for large corporations, schools or government agencies).
  • Privacy
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    To protect the privacy of all visitors to this website, all sales transactions are encrypted with SSL (secure sockets layer) technology. All personal information about individual users (name, address, E-mail address, credit card numbers) is confidential and is used only to fulfill orders from this site.
  • General Ordering Information
    Can I get an order in time? Back to Top
    Absolutely. rushIMPRINT was created to accommodate the rush delivery date. That is our passion. Let us know what day and time you need the products to arrive to you, and we will work with you get your order there in the most cost effective manner available.
    How do I place my order? Back to Top
    You call place an order on the website, over the phone with our customer service department (1-866-277-7874), or you can email orders into info@rushimprint.ca, and we will email you an order acknowledgement and virtual proof.
    Are there discounts for non-profit? Back to Top
    Yes, we always take 10% off the order for nonprofit organizations.
    Do you send samples? Back to Top
    We do send free samples up to 2 items of $10 value and under. Over that, we can send the samples, but the customer must pay for them.
    What is the cutoff time for orders? Back to Top
    Cutoff time typically is 12 pm EST, but if you need to get the order out the next day, please call our Customer Service Department (1-866-277-7874) or email us at info@rushimprint.ca and quite often, we can still get things out for you even if it is past the cutoff time.
    Can I imprint just text on an item? Back to Top
    Yes, you can. It does not have to be a logo or graphic.
    When will I get an art proof? Back to Top
    Once an order is placed, our art department will email you an official virtual proof with your logo on the item(s) that you ordered. You should receive it within a few hours of placing the order if not sooner.
    What is price per item? Back to Top
    The price per item is determined by the item, # of colors in the artwork, quantity, and the production time you choose (e.g. 1 day, 2 day, 3 day).
    Can you get a better price on an item if the quantity is larger than is offered online? Back to Top
    Absolutely you can. Please call our Customer Service Department (1-866-277-7874) or email us at info@rushimprint.ca with the model# and quantity you had in mind, and we will get you the most aggressive price possible.
    Can I order less than the minimum required quantity? Back to Top
    It is possible to order below the minimum quantity, but typically there is an extra charge to do to. Please call our Customer Service Department (1-866-277-7874) or email us at info@rushimprint.ca with the model# and quantity you had in mind, and we will tell you what the cost will be.
    Why is there a setup charge? Back to Top
    Each item has its own custom imprint area, and we have to burn a new screen for every order (unless exact repeat).
    Once I place an order, if we want to re-order, do we have to pay a setup charge again? Back to Top
    If you re-order the same item, with the same artwork, you will not have to pay a setup charge again.
    Do weekends count as production days? Back to Top
    No they do not. Monday through Friday only.
    What is our Return Policy? Back to Top
    We guarantee the quality and workmanship of our products for 30 days from the day you receive your order. If you have a quality concern, please contact Customer Service at 1- 866-277-RUSH (7874) or e-mail: info@rushimprint.ca. No returns will be accepted without a return authorization number (RA#). Defective products or apparel will be replaced promptly. We will not accept returns on merchandise that is delivered as ordered and is free from defects.

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