Custom Promotional Notebooks

Even in the digital age, the magic of being able to take notes by hand never goes away. People remember things better when using paper and pen, and it’s much easier for taking notes from a phone call. Make sure people remember your brand while doing so with custom notebook covers. From luxurious custom Moleskine notebooks to simple spiral ones, promotional notebooks are branding opportunities that will stick with your clients for a long, productive time.

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The Uses Of Custom Cover Notebooks

Whether you’re at a conference or in the office, everybody needs to take notes at some point. Make sure they keep your company in mind by giving them the perfect tools to do it with our promotional notebooks.

Prove that you know how to meet a prospective client’s needs before you even go into business with them. Pair a gorgeous custom Moleskine notebook with writing instruments and desk accessories to keep their office well-stocked while always reminding them of you.

The rushIMPRINT Advantage

Whether you’re getting promotional notebooks or something else, rushIMPRINT is the best place for all of your branding needs.

We’re a family business with a world-class customer service team. We can send art proofs within hours, and ship custom products within a few days. We even have a rush service! Buy branded notebooks now, and be amazed by just how good this small business can be!

Notebooks & Journals FAQ

How big are the custom notebooks? How many pages?

All of our notebooks vary in size, but many of them will be in the 5” x 7” range. Most notebooks have 50-80 pages in them, but some go up to 400. Each type of personalized notebook has its page count and dimensions listed on the product page, so you’ll know the exact size before making a purchase.

What can I do with my personalized notebook?

The opportunities are endless with these custom notebooks. Hand them out at your office or at a large convention. People love free stuff, and small portable notebooks are extremely useful while on the go. Promotional notebooks leave a lasting impression!

How much do custom notebooks cost at rushIMPRINT?

Since we offer such a diverse selection of personalized notebooks, you’ll see that our prices vary as well. Some of our more high end, moleskine notebooks are over $30 each while our more inexpensive, custom mini notebooks can be as affordable as $1 each or less.

What kinds of unique personalized notebooks are available?

We offer over 40 different kinds of custom notebooks that come in dozens of different colors. We supply a combination of hard-bound and spiral notebooks. Some of our popular notebook designs are the personalized leather notebooks and our light, eco-friendly notebooks. We also have a few notebooks that come with their own pens.

Where will my logo or design go onto the custom notebook?

Your design will be front and center of your promotional notebooks. If you’d like more detail and a reliable visual, our team at rushIMPRINT is also happy to create proofs before you make a purchase. We can usually deliver art proofs within a few hours.

How long will it take to receive my personalized notebooks?

Most of our custom gear can be prepared in less than a week before we ship it to you. If you need your custom notebooks even faster, look out for “Rush Available” products. These items can be prepared in two days or less and will be sent out immediately after.