Custom Paper Bags

Two things are true about every workplace or office: we need to carry things, and we love goods branded with the company logo. At rushIMPRINT, you can have both with our range of paper bags! We offer paper bags with logos that allow you to show your unique design, give your brand fantastic exposure, carry some swag, and be kind to the planet. rushIMPRINT has a great selection of custom brown paper bags for conferences, events, and gift giveaways.

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Functional Marketing Done Right

Brown bags are a staple of marketing, and can function as well as a carry-all as they can a billboard. Advertise your brand with every happy customer via custom brown paper bags.

Capitalize on Quality with Our Experts

Get the very best out of your personalized paper bags with logos. Ask the experts at rushIMPRINT to help with by lending their custom printing expertise.

Give Your Brand Daily Exposure

Few branding items have the same power to bridge everyday use and memorable impact as paper bags with logos.

Fantastic for Conferences, Sales, Giveaways and More!

For big conferences or daily sales, giveaways or product packages, a custom and chic stock of custom brown paper bags is essential.

Make the most of low-cost, effective advertising and elevate your brand with paper bags with logos from rushIMPRINT. Call or contact us via email to help find your perfect design! Have a design you love? You can also upload your design and order online now. Don’t wait: rushIMPRINT it!

Custom Paper Bags FAQ

What type of paper are custom paper bags made of?

At rushIMPRINT, our custom paper bags can be made from a variety of paper materials, including kraft paper, recycled paper, and glossy paper. Glossy paper bags are more durable and slightly more expensive than other paper bags with logos, so be sure to choose the product that suits the needs of your business or event.

Can I order custom paper bags with handles?

Yes. Many of our custom paper bags come with handles attached to them for easy carrying. For the most part, our custom paper gift bags will either have twisted kraft paper handles or die cut handles. There are a couple of bags with different handles, so be sure to browse our selection of paper gift bags before picking a favorite.

What sizes and styles of custom paper bags are available?

rushIMPRINT offers dozens of paper bags in various sizes and shapes. The smallest bags are 5.25"w x 8.25"h while the biggest personalized paper bags are 16"w x 12"h. Each bag is shaped slightly differently, made of different materials, or comes with a different handle.

What can I have printed on my custom paper bags?

While many businesses come to rushIMPRINT to create personalized paper bags with their logo on them, you can technically have anything printed on them. Personalized paper bags are great for celebrations where you want to hand out gifts. Large birthday parties, weddings, and graduation ceremonies with custom paper gift bags are sure to be fun and memorable for everyone involved.

What color can I make my custom paper bags?

Our customizable paper bags each come with their own slew of color choices. Some of the bags are limited to brown or white while others will have 4 or five shades of gray or dark navy as well. A few of our custom paper gift bags come in full color, allowing you to choose all sorts of reds, blues, and greens.