Custom Wrapped Candy

Spread the cheer with personalized candy from rushIMPRINT. Whether you’re filling a bowl at the front desk or sharing them at a convention, an order of individually wrapped candy in bulk will get plenty of use. And the ordering process is easy! After you choose from a dozen different sweets on our website, you'll be able to upload a logo that shows up on each wrapper. 


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A Fruity & Minty Selection

At rushIMPRINT, we offer several different custom wrapped candies that can be customized with logos just like yours. For something fresh, choose from one of several types of mints. We have multiple types of buttermints, spearmints, and peppermints. For something with fruity flavor, you can order individually wrapped Life Savers, hard candies, or even packs of Skittles.

Individually Wrapped Candies

One of the benefits of ordering custom candy from rushIMPRINT is that your order will be individually wrapped. This means that everyone you hand out candies to will get a chance to see your branding on the wrapper. You can take your custom candy in bulk to your next trade show and hand out individual pieces to everyone that comes by.


Branding With Personalized Candy

Leaving a bowl of individually wrapped candy near your storefront will encourage patrons to take a piece after they visit. Most people are more likely to remember your brand if they have a tangible item associated with it, and customizable candy is the perfect solution. This is a cost-effective marketing strategy, especially considering the potential for repeat customers.

Tons of Great Stuff at rushIMPRINT

In addition to our individually wrapped candies, our team offers hundreds of other products that your clients and customers will love. Instead of candy, you can also order tons of other custom foods and beverages, like chocolates and baked goods. You can also create your own swag or company uniforms with our list of custom apparel. If you’re not sure which products are right for your business, you can shop by industry to brainstorm ideas.