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Promotional Stress Balls

Custom stress balls make a unique, fun and useful giveaway as part of a profitable marketing campaign. When you are choosing a promotional product to use to help in advertising your company, group or event, promotional stress balls are always a good choice. After all, most people in today’s world suffer from stress. Theses imprinted stress balls are small, lightweight and easy to carry around, and make great gifts for anyone. Your employees can use them sitting behind a desk…and you can even match them to your group or business. Real Estate companies like the house shaped custom stress balls while golfers may enjoy the golf ball shapes. And these stress balls are inexpensive, so you afford to give out large numbers of them to increase your exposure. They are valuable as gifts to your employees, customers, as giveaways at tradeshows, conventions, sports events and almost any type of charity event. With your company logo or name and address imprinted on them, these custom stress balls will give you repeat advertising whenever they are in use.
Unlike traditional advertising items such as business cards, brochures and flyers, imprinted stress balls are meant to be used, and the more use a promotional item receives, the more exposure your company image is receiving. This means a greater return on your investment, and means that your advertising dollar is going further.
rushIMPRINT carries a large variety of these company logo stress balls…well over two hundred…which means that you can select one that suits your business…choose one in a colour and style to go with your company colours, or choose a background colour that will make your logo stand out.
Embroidered stress balls make a great choice for one of these promotional items, because they are affordable, and are small enough to carry around easily and yet large enough to carry a decent size imprint of your logo.
According to clinical studies, you can relieve stress and improve concentration through the use of stress balls. The Circular Round Stress Reliever is handmade, so that each is slightly different from the others. Have your logo imprinted on one of these logo stress balls for repeat advertising.
Are the customers you wish to target those who love the outdoors and sporting events? The Golf Ball Stress Reliever  would probably go over very well with this crowd…these branded stress balls are also hand made so that each is a unique, one of a kind item.
Company logo stress balls that captivate can be either work relate, such as a Hard Hat Stress Ball  for construction industries; an Earth Stress Ball   for the environmentally concerned, or even a fun and imaginative  style such as the Sitting Penguin Stress Ball .
All of the rushIMPRINT  printed stress balls are made with high quality materials and careful craftsmanship to guarantee you a product that you can be proud to place your logo on.
Choose from a large selection of over 240 custom stress balls styles, and call rushIMPRINT at 1-866-277-7874 or order online today!